• Capgemini, Orange Target to Launch French Cloud Firm 'Bleu' by the End of 2022

    Published Date:  2022-06-27  Source:  POLICY-CHARGING
    Locations:  Armenia;     Category:  Providers    Score:  130
    Tags:  Capgemini; Cloud; Microsoft; Orange;

    Since the announcement of Bleu in May 2021, Capgemini and Orange have been working closely together to confirm the target model, validate the technical solution with Microsoft, and initiate

  • Orange to integrate DAZN sports in Spain

    Published Date:  2022-06-27  Source:  DIGITALTVNEWS
    Locations:  Spain;     Category:  Providers    Score:  125
    Tags:  TV; Orange;

    June 23, 2022 Orange TV customers will be able to enjoy sports content provided by DAZN, both on a specific linear channel available on Orange TV STBs, as well as through the DAZN app, also available on STBs, as well as on Smart TVs and mobiles.

  • Capgemini and Orange announce that Bleu will start engaging with customers by the end of 2022

    Published Date:  2022-06-24  Source:  VANILLAPLUS
    Locations:  France;     Category:  Providers    Score:  130
    Tags:  Capgemini; Cloud; Microsoft; Orange;

    Paris, France. 22 June 2022 Capgemini and Orange confirmed that Bleu, their future joint venture that will provide trusted cloud (Cloud de Confiance) services to address the needs of specific French organisations, is expected to start supporting clients in preparing for their migration by the end o ...

  • EU antitrust regulators to rule on Orange, VOO deal by 28 July

    Published Date:  2022-06-24  Source:  TELEGEOGRAPHY
    Locations:  Belgium;     Category:  Providers    Score:  125
    Tags:  Remedy; broadband; cable; Orange;

    Orange Belgiums bid for a majority stake in cable operator VOO will be decided by EU antitrust regulators by 28 July, a European Commission filing has revealed. On Wednesday the companies sought EU approval for Oranges proposed purchase of 75% minus one share of its rival, which would give it contro ...

  • Orange Romania 5G reaches Bacau

    Published Date:  2022-06-24  Source:  TELEGEOGRAPHY
    Locations:  Armenia;     Category:  Providers    Score:  125
    Tags:  5G; broadband; fixed; wireless; Orange;

    Orange Romania has announced its 5G network now covers the city of Bacau, enabling customers with a 5G subscription and compatible handset to access theoretical download speeds of up to 1.2Gbps and average transfer rates of 600Mbps. Oranges 5G network is now available in 18 cities across the country ...

  • Orange Egypt taps Ericsson for satellite connectivity boost

    Published Date:  2022-06-24  Source:  DEVELOPING-TELECOMS
    Locations:  Egypt;     Category:  Providers    Score:  135
    Tags:  Ericsson; satellite; Orange;

    Ericsson was chosen by Orange Egypt to supply antenna products for the building of the operators 2,600MHz network, a move for the operator to proceed with its extensive rollout plan.

  • Vodafone to Migrate Applications to Oracle Dedicated Cloud on its Operator Network

    Published Date:  2022-06-23  Source:  POLICY-CHARGING
    Locations:  Albania;     Category:  Providers    Score:  95
    Tags:  Cloud; Oracle; application; Vodafone;

    Oracle and Vodafone, the largest pan-European and African technology communications company, announced a strategic partnership to modernize the operators European IT infrastructure and accelerate its transition to

  • Orange Comet firma una alianza de NFT plurianual con la liga profesional de lucha líder Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide

    Published Date:  2022-06-23  Source:  TELECOM-NEWS
    Locations:  Armenia;     Category:  Providers    Score:  125
    Tags:  Orange;

    El lanzamiento de NFT contina la expansin de Orange Comet en los mercados internacionales; la primera entrega est programada para octubre de 2022 LOS NGELES, 22 de junio de 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Orange Comet, Inc., una empresa con experiencia en medios creativos y Web3 de NFT (token no...

  • Orange targets digital divide with new digital skills centre in Brussels

    Published Date:  2022-06-23  Source:  TOTALTELE1
    Locations:  France;     Category:  Providers    Score:  125
    Tags:  Orange;

    Following the launch of a similar centre in Paris, France, earlier this month, Orange is now celebrating the launch of its second European ODC, this time in the Belgian capital, Brussels. The operator calls the ODC a complete ecosystem for acquiring digital skills testing and fine-tuning actual pr ...

  • Ericsson to supply Orange Egypt with antennas for 2600MHz deployment

    Published Date:  2022-06-23  Source:  TELEGEOGRAPHY
    Locations:  Egypt;     Category:  Providers    Score:  135
    Tags:  Ericsson; mobile; Orange;

    Swedish vendor Ericsson has announced that it is supplying Orange Egypt with antennas to support its network rollout. The development follows the allocation of new spectrum in the 2600MHz band in February 2022, and will see the vendor deploying the Ericsson Antenna System to build a 2600MHz network ...

  • Good news for Vodafone Idea as India's 5G auctions get closer

    Published Date:  2022-06-23  Source:  DEVELOPING-TELECOMS
    Locations:  Albania;     Category:  Providers    Score:  95
    Tags:  5G; Vodafone;

    As the late July date for Indias 5G auctions approaches, operators will have to think carefully about where the money is coming from for the additional spectrum. However, it looks like Vodafone Idea (Vi) is already positioning itself financially, both to bid and to invest in its network, through a p ...

  • Vodafone Romania is here to stay, says chief

    Published Date:  2022-06-23  Source:  DEVELOPING-TELECOMS
    Locations:  Albania;     Category:  Providers    Score:  95
    Tags:  Vodafone;

    Vodafone Romania CEO Achilleas Kanaris stated the companys parent has no plans to exit the market as a repositioning of the unit is commencing.

  • Orange Belgium Launches Orange Digital Center in Brussels

    Published Date:  2022-06-22  Source:  POLICY-CHARGING
    Locations:  Belgium;     Category:  Providers    Score:  125
    Tags:  Orange;

    To help reduce the digital divide, Orange Belgium has opened an Orange Digital Center in the heart of Brussels. The Orange Digital Center will serve as a

  • Orange Belgium Obtains Maximum Amount of Key 5G Spectrum

    Published Date:  2022-06-22  Source:  POLICY-CHARGING
    Locations:  Belgium;     Category:  Providers    Score:  125
    Tags:  5G; Orange;

    Orange Belgium obtained the maximum amount of key 5G spectrum available in the auction, allowing it to provide outstanding coverage and capacity for future 5G services. Furthermore, it

  • Orange Belgium maximises key 5G spectrum in auction, aiming to optimise coverage and capacity

    Published Date:  2022-06-22  Source:  VANILLAPLUS
    Locations:  Belgium;     Category:  Providers    Score:  125
    Tags:  3G; 5G; mobile; Orange;

    Brussels, Belgium. 21 June, 2022 In the main phase of the auctions on mobile spectrum organised by the BIPT, Orange Belgium has obtained the maximum amount of the new 5G spectrum bands available for auction: 20 MHz in the 700 MHz band and 100 MHz in the 3.6 GHz band. In total, Orange Belgium acquir ...

  • Vodafone targets growth with network upgrades focusing on scalability and agility

    Published Date:  2022-06-22  Source:  TOTALTELE1
    Locations:  Albania;     Category:  Providers    Score:  95
    Tags:  Cloud; Oracle; Vodafone;

    Vodafone have signed a multi-year agreement with Oracle with an aim of modernising their European IT infrastructure and accelerating its transition to the cloud. A broad range of systems will be migrated to dedicated fully managed regions of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) that will be deployed ...

  • Russian operators begin charging users for SIM cards

    Published Date:  2022-06-22  Source:  TELEGEOGRAPHY
    Locations:  Canada; Russia; Austria;     Category:  Providers    Score:  80
    Tags:  MTS; MegaFon; Tele2; mobile; wholesale;

    Russias major mobile operators have begun charging fees for SIM cards when registering new subscriptions, Kommersant reported. MegaFon, Yota (a brand of MegaFon) and Beeline have all introduced a per-SIM fee of RUB50 (USD0.92) this month, while MTS and Tele2 Russia are scheduled to follow suit on 24 ...

  • Magnite agrees ACR data deal with LG Ads Solutions

    Published Date:  2022-06-22  Source:  DIGITALTVNEWS
    Locations:       Category:  Finance    Score:  50
    Tags:  NASDAQ; Nasdaq; activation; platform; OSS;

    June 21, 2022 Magnite (NASDAQ: MGNI) has announced a deal with LG Ads Solutions under which Magnite will have access to LG Ads' automatic content recognition (ACR) data for planning, activation, measurement and analytics through its supply-side platform (SSP).

  • FreeWheel Launches New Identity Initiative Enabling Enhanced ID Interoperability and Advanced Activation Capabilities for Premium TV Advertisers and Publishers

    Published Date:  2022-06-22  Source:  BUSINESSWIRE
    Locations:  US; New York;     Category:  Software    Score:  55
    Tags:  TV; activation; platform; OSS;

    NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, FreeWheel announced that it is launching new identity collaborations and capabilities that will enable advertisers to seamlessly connect first and third-party data to the increasing wide array of IDs coming from diverse platforms and endpoints, allowing for greater ...

  • Vodafone to migrate systems to Oracle’s dedicated cloud platform

    Published Date:  2022-06-22  Source:  RCRWIRELESS
    Locations:  Albania;     Category:  Providers    Score:  120
    Tags:  Cloud; Oracle; platform; wireless; OSS; Vodafone;

    Oracle will deploy dedicated cloud regions in Vodafones main data centers that manage its European IT and network operations Vodafone is accelerating its transition to the cloud with the migration of several of its systems to Oracles managed cloud region called Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer ( ...

  • 5G spectrum auction raises EUR1.2bn

    Published Date:  2022-06-21  Source:  TELEGEOGRAPHY
    Locations:  Belgium;     Category:  Providers    Score:  150
    Tags:  3G; 4G; 5G; RCS; application; mobile; Orange;

    Telecoms regulator the Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications (BIPT) has announced that the main phase of the auction of new 5G spectrum (700MHz and 3600MHz) and existing 2G and 3G frequencies (900MHz, 1800MHz and 2100MHz) has concluded after three weeks of bidding, raising mor ...